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Some behaviours stop a person from fully enjoying and experiencing the world around them.

Perhaps they struggle to form friendships or learn at school. Perhaps sleeping, eating or toilet training is a problem.

We will work with individuals and the people around them to find solutions that work.

The Teaching and Learning Collaboration (TLC) is a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals offering a range of individualised, effective and high quality services to families and schools

What we do:

  • We can provide assessments and intervention plans as well as direct 1:1 sessions for individuals struggling with communication, learning, social and/or functional living skills or where inappropriate or challenging behaviour is a barrier to learning
  • We provide support to families at home and at school. Our assessments and interventions are updated and evaluated regularly. We use functional assessment to understand why a behaviour is happening or not, in the context of home or school.
  • Our teaching programmes are always individualised. They can include daily living skills, such as tolerance to brushing teeth, making a snack or interview skills. We can support with all communication skills from early interaction through to conversation
  • Our focus is on supporting people to find play and leisure activities that they'll enjoy and love for life. By breaking big skills down into smaller steps we have taught bike riding, football skills & games with peers and siblings at home or in playdates
  • All of our staff have or are working towards accreditation with the Behaviour Analysts Certification Board (BACB), who regulate training in Behaviour Analysis and oversee the profession through ongoing professional development and ethical compliance.

Our users say:

We wish we had heard about ABA before. Before we started, our son had many behaviour problems that hindered his and our lives, at home and at school. Now thanks to ABA, he is starting to eat vegetables and fruit, We can now enjoy meals at home & in cafes

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Age Range: 1–99

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