Anti-Bullying Tool for Parents & Carers


Welcome to our Interactive Anti-Bullying Parent Information Tool. We hope it's useful. It aims to give you information about bullying in an interactive way. Please click on the image below to access the tool. If you have any questions / queries please follow the links in the Resources and Advice section of the tool.

What we do:

  • Part 1 answers to questions: what is bullying; types of bullying; fall outs; and bullying as a group behaviour.
  • Part 2: Bullying worries me because... I'm worried my child is going to be bullied; I am worried my child is being bullied; I know my child is being bullied; I want to make a complaint about bullying; and I think my child might be bullying others.
  • Part 3: What should the school be doing: information that applies to all schools; information that applies to Academies, Free Schools and Independent Schools; and bullying and the police.
  • Part 4: Cyberbullying: what is cyberbullying; prevention and awareness; and what should I do if my child is being cyberbullied?

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