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Whether you are a parent of a child already with an ASD diagnosis, waiting for an assessment for diagnosis or have concerns regarding your child not yet reaching expected social, communication or other milestones, I have over 23 years experience in offering behavioural support packages that are tailored to your child's individual needs, steered by their passions and interests and powered by behavioural science (ABA).

What we do:

  • I offer support packages that focus on growing and expanding your child's interests, building rapport with them and empowering them to learn new skills such as: *Communication (vocal and non-vocal) *Social *Play and leisure *Daily living *Academic
  • I specialise in supporting to improve behaviours that challenge, self-injurious behaviours and behaviours that form barriers to learning
  • I use behavioural science, otherwise known as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
  • I coach parents, ABA tutors, teaching assistants and learning support assistants to use ABA to teach new skills and support to improve behaviours that challenge
  • I cover the whole of Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Essex and South London.

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Age Range: 1–25

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07969 854 639

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