YMCA Short Breaks (Short Breaks Provider)


YMCA inclusive short break in Horsham and Crawley for young people aged 18 – 25 with disabilities in West Sussex. They will be typically run on Wednesdays ( Horsham area) and Thursdays (Crawley). With the aim that the young people will be able to start planning, booking and paying for the sessions themselves through weekly supported sessions. The sessions will be held in the community going bowling, to the cinema, swimming and going on walks, trips to farms, pubs and restaurants.

What we do:

  • Part of the YMCA, the sessions will be run by experienced members of staff
  • Each session will be in a different location for example the first two sessions will be held on the 15th of January at the REC bowling alley in Horsham and the 16th of January at Hollywood bowl Crawley at 18:00 to 20:30
  • To book and pay for the first lot of sessions call or email either the details above or John Brunswick at [email protected]
  • External support workers welcome
  • Visit the facebook page for more information

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Age Range: 18–25

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Contact Details

0701 325 415

01737 779 979

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