School Transport (Travel)


We provide transport to school for children and young people who are eligible. Eligibility depends on home to school distance and the needs of the child or young person.

Contributions towards costs apply to young people over compulsory school age.

What we do:

  • To be eligible for to free transport, your child must be attending the nearest suitable school and live more than two miles away for children aged under eight, or three miles away for children aged eight or more.
  • In cases where children are unable to walk to school and they do not qualify on grounds of distance, their individual needs are taken into account.
  • Transport assistance is by public transport (bus or train) or school bus where the child is able to use it. We also provide minibuses or taxis where they are needed.
  • Where they are needed, we provide trained escorts on vehicles.
  • Whilst we understand that some children and young people will not be able to use public transport and travel independently, we know that many have the potential, although they will need training to achieve this. Schools and parents can help with this.

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Age Range: 4–19

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For more information, and to read about how to access this service, visit:

Local Offer webpage

County Hall,
West Street,
PO19 1RG


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