Adoption Service West Sussex County Council (Adoption South East)


The Adoption Service enables prospective adopters in West Sussex to find out more about the types of children waiting for adoption and to embark on the assessment process with the support of our dedicated team. Adoption is an important and life-changing decision so we are committed to fully informing prospective applicants about the challenges and rewards. We will then provide on-going training and support to our adoptive families.

What we do:

  • Step parent adoption - where a partner's child from a previous relationship or marriage is adopted by a step-parent.
  • Private adoption - where an application for adoption is made directly to the courts by prospective adoptive parent/s for a child they already know.
  • Inter country adoption - where a child is adopted from another country. We are currently in the process of commissioning a specialist voluntary adoption agency to undertake these assessments on our behalf.
  • Foster to adopt - a form of adoption widely used in the USA and increasingly in the UK.
  • Foster to adopt is suitable for looked after children usually under the age of 2, where a local authority thinks adoption is likely to be the best option, but who may still be able to return home.

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Age Range: 21–99

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