Children and Young Peoples Continence Team, West Sussex


The children and young people's (YP) specialist continence service is a county wide locality delivered nurse led assessment and treatment service for children and young people with continence needs and/or difficulties. There are continence nurse specialists; enuresis nurses and continence specialist nursery nurses supported by administrators within the team.

What we do:

  • We provide clinical assessment through nurse specialist and enuresis nurse clinics in a variety of community based settings including in Child Development Centres, special schools and some home visits where required.
  • There are also nursery nurse led special school clinics and home visits reviewing toileting skills assessments. All of the team also offer telephone contact support for children and their families.
  • Interventions include healthy bladder and bowel management, medication advice, toileting programmes, behavioural management techniques, advice regarding continence aids and equipment. Portable bladder ultrasound scanning as assessed.
  • Toilet training programmes can be developed for children and YP with specific medical conditions and learning disabilities, which can delay their ability to become toilet trained. Washable products can be recommended following clinical assessment.
  • Children and YP can receive assistance where a clinical need can be demonstrated and a physical and/or learning need with specific medical condition impacts their ability to get continent at their expected age (RCN 2006).

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Age Range: 0–18

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