Children's Physiotherapy, West Sussex


Children’s physiotherapists work with children and families to help develop and improve motor skills and function. This includes working with children that have short term problems (e.g. following an injury) or a long term condition, (eg cerebral palsy) We work closely with families to give them the skills and confidence to help their child’s development at home and offer individualised treatment plans and intervention with members of the physiotherapy team when appropriate.

What we do:

  • We are committed to early intervention for children and where possible work to prevent or minimise the effects of any problems, looking to maximise the functional outcomes for all children.
  • We work closely with other agencies that are involved with your child, and will often carry out joint visits to help ensure an integrated team approach to your child’s treatment.
  • We provide a service to all children that have a West Sussex GP, following referral by a health professional. We work in a variety of locations, including Child Development Centres, Children and Family Centres, schools, nurseries and children's homes.
  • We expect to see children within 18 weeks for an initial assessment and aim to see urgent referrals within 2 weeks, and routine referrals within 8 weeks. If required plans for follow up physiotherapy intervention will be discussed and agreed with you.
  • Sussex Community NHS Trust physiotherapists have comprehensive statutory and mandatory training completed annually. Continuing professional development and competency checks ensure staff offer the best possible advice and treatment for children.

Our users say:

“I would never have got through the early days without physio” "Very good rapport with children and knowledge" "Always very caring and listens to what my son has to say and always has great advice on ways to help"

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Age Range: 0–19

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01403 227 000

01403 227 000



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