Children with Disabilities (Social Care)


Children with Disabilities (CWD) offer a specialist statutory social work service for disabled children with complex needs, where these needs impact significantly on daily activities, family relationships, education, safety and independence. We aim to help children to lead safe, independent and fulfilled lives, through provision of advice, support, care and protection.

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What we do:

  • Parents and Carers can contact the specialist Children With Disabilities Social Worker within the Multi Agency Safeguarding Team (MASH) via the Integrated Front Door (IFD) 01403 229900 or email [email protected]
  • Professionals with information or concerns about a child should inform the Integrated Front Door: • Email: [email protected] • Telephone: 01403 229 900 • Out of Hours: 0330 222 6664
  • The specialist Children With Disabilities Social Worker within MASH can offer information and advice when a child's disability needs are complex and specialist social work advice, assessment or intervention may now be required.
  • We work with children who have severe learning and/or severe physical disabilities, complex health needs related to a lifelong/life limiting disability, and autism .
  • We work with children, their families and other agencies to meet assessed needs in relation to the child's disability and support them to achieve their potential. This may include a Personal Budget as part of a Social Care plan or signposting resources.

Our users say:

We have highly valued the support, expertise, and professionalism of the Children With Disabilities social worker.

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Age Range: 0–18

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01403 229 900

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3rd Floor, County Hall North / Parkside,
Chart Way,
RH12 1XH


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  • Posted by mcwgreen on 10 Jun 22 22:44

    I am confused, there is a red warning triangle on the RHS of the page saying that this service requires a referal from a professional, yet on the LHS of the page it states that the service can be accesssed by parent / carers by contacting the IFD.

    Children with Disabilities (Social Care) replied on on 04 Jul 12:37
    Thank you for your comment. The Children with Disabilities Service (Social care) does require a 'referral' (either online/email/telephone) and these referrals can be received via parent/Carer or professional - I have removed the 'red triangle'.