I CAN – The children’s communication charity


I CAN is the children’s communication charity. We provide a number of programmes and interventions to help children with delayed speech and language.

We have licensees all over the country qualified to train practitioners to deliver our evidence based interventions.

I CAN believe no child should be left behind because of difficulty communicating.

What we do:

  • I can provide interventions and programmes for children with delayed speech and language
  • Our interventions are primarily run by a TA, in three short sessions a week for between 7 and 9 weeks.
  • We have an online Tracker to identify children who would benefit from the programme. This Tracker monitors their progress throughout and creates graphs and tables that can be shared with parents, governors and Ofsted.
  • We have a licensee map on our website, which can be used to find tutors in your area.

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Age Range: 2–18

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02078 432 556

02072 390 002

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